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At Loos Precision Products, we have 7 Haas Vertical Mills (some with 4-axis capabilities) with table capacities to X:30in / Y: 16in / Z: 20in. These machines put us at an advantage to meet all your precision machining needs. Having superior equipment allows us to maintain consistent, repeatable, and exact part manufacturing, which requires keeping this equipment running at its best. Here at LPP, we have our Total Production Maintenance program (TPM) to ensure our machines are regularly maintained to achieve reliable, maximum manufacturing potential. 

CNC milling is a machining process controlled by computer that offers a variety of processes and for a diverse selection of materials. We are able to take your 2D or 3D design files, convert them, and then set up and execute the process of creation. CNC milling provides high accuracy and allows us to maintain tolerances as small as .0001”. Our CNC milling machines are incredibly versatile, rendering them useful in various industries for a variety of applications. There are many factors to consider when choosing a material (tensile strength, hardness, cost, etc.), and we will work with you to determine the appropriate execution for your application. 

Our Equipment

  • HAAS TM-1 CNC Tool Room Mills
  • Cincinnati Milacron 207MK Horizontal Mills
  • Cincinnati Milacron 100 Powermatic Horizontal Mills
  • Lagun FU-152 Horizontal Mill
  • VF-1, VF-2, TM-1, & VF-4 with Robotic automation
CNC Precision Machining Milling

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